It’s fashion that is luxurious, adaptable, reliable, self-assuring and ever-beautiful that has us reaching for it year-round, from winters spent in woodlands to luxuriant summers spent by the sea. Delam's founder Lili Di Michele wanted to create a line that encompassed all of these things and more; one that can transform an item of clothing from seasonal to staple status and one that fuses the greatest of artisanal heritage from two of the world’s most celebrated cultures, binding them together through the art of storytelling.

Whether celebratory and joyous or subtle and understated, colour lies at the core of Delam. Traditional methods used by tribal artisans in Iran - who extract pigment from the madder root, walnut husks, ivy leaves and turmeric - are used to dye the cashmere yarns resulting in mesmerising non-uniform hues. It took Delam three years to translate and imitate the ancient method from rugs to ready-to- wear, and the result is resplendent. One shade has a spectrum of variations, meaning that every Delam piece is bespoke as a result, while due to the organic, non-chemical colouration process, each shade sits softly against every skin tone.

In the 21 st Century, the word quality takes on a new meaning. At Delam, it entails integrity, honesty, and it encompasses every part of the brand. When it comes to sourcing cashmere, Delam uses the finest yarns that won’t bubble over time, nor lose their shape or colour when washed; during the colouration, as much time that is needed is given to achieve the desired saturation; when being spun with silk (to enhance breathability), the best manufacturers in Italy are employed for their world-renowned skill; and when the garments are being made, the finest attention to detail is paid to cut and fit to achieve an unparalleled finesse. Each Delam piece is a tribute to the artisan hands that have touched it along the way, becoming a celebration of a process and a product that will stand the test of time.