It is this passion that continues with the women who wear our striking one-of-a-kind pieces. See the collection > Determined to replicate these unique tones in our luxurious Italian cashmere, we embarked on a two-year journey, which took us from Northern Italy directly back to the source. Here, in a workshop in the Persian city Shiraz, we found Persian craftsmen using the same time-honoured dyeing techniques, perfected over centuries and passed on from one generation to the next.  Once the yarns have been steeped in dye, they are dried under the heat of the Persian sun. The resulting colours will never be the same owing to the natural variants of the threads. On closer inspection, what appears to be a solid colour turns out to be a variety of subtle nuances and shades. No two Gabbehs are ever alike. Little hints of the maker’s story - the surrounding poppy fields, their sheep and their children – are woven into each tapestry, knot-by-knot. To this day, master dyers meticulously create colours from native plants and herbs including, saffron, rhubarb flower and turmeric. Red, for example, is obtained from the roots of the madder plant. Grown in France, this plant produces a pale red whereas the madder grown in South West Iran, creates a deep crimson hue. The beautiful Gabbeh carpets of Southern Iran are the starting point for our rich colour palette. Handmade and dyed for centuries by nomads, they served to decorate the home or would often double up as soft bedding to sleep on under the stars. At first light, they were simply rolled-up as the travellers went on their way. Delam London is a modern, luxury knitwear brand, which celebrates the art of ancient Persian dye techniques and works with local artisans to incorporate natural colours into medium-weight cashmere knits. OUR STORY See the process + See the Gabbehs + See close up + Transferring of techniques +